A lifestyle, not a hobby

The Fowl Syndicate was created by a group of friends who shared the same waterfowl passion. Our skilled team has the drive and knowledge to consistently put together successful hunts. We start our season in Wisconsin chasing early season honkers. From there we travel through out the Midwest and Great Plaines chasing feathers. Once the duck season closes then the real fun begins with the Spring Conservation Hunts.

Our Snow Goose Hunts take place in SE Missouri and NE Arkansas. The area holds a high wintering population of birds which provides us with exceptional hunting opportunities. We have built a good relationship with many people in the area which gives us real time information.

All of our hunts are all inclusive with a 3 day minimum required. Groups of 5 or more will secure their own field. Groups of 6 or more will secure their own pit.


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Making memories one hunt at a time.

The Fowl Syndicate



Janesville, WI, USA


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